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  • Melissa Viloria

What is NAD+ therapy?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a powerful coenzyme that promotes ATP production, which powers various processes throughout the body. NAD+ IV therapy is the coenzyme to optimize these functions.

Why Do I Need NAD+ Therapy?

Multiple factors have been shown to decrease NAD+ production, including obesity, excessive drinking, and poor nutrition. Fatty liver dysfunction, diabetes, are other medical conditions that may inhibit healthy NAD+ levels as well as some natural reduction with age.

As NAD+ levels start reducing, ability to recover and healing may be slowed down. Decreased NAD+ can make you start to feel bogged down, thus you may want to look at cellular health.

Symptoms of Low NAD+

Lack of mental clarity, chronic fatigue, and muscle weakness are common signs of low NAD+. Insufficient NAD+ levels can alter the aging process, lead to sleep problems, and slow metabolism in addition to being linked to certain medical conditions. From athletic performance to cognitive function, NAD+ is a key component.

Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

We just finished talking about all of the symptoms associated with low NAD+, but the good news is we have the ultimate biohack! NAD+ treatments deliver effective, lasting relief from brain fog, fatigue, and other symptoms you may be experiencing. With NAD+ therapy, patients can:

  • Support healthy brain function

  • Deter age-related diseases

  • Encourage cell regeneration

  • Enhance the immune system

  • Conquer substance abuse

  • Achieve higher energy levels

Additional benefits of NAD+ IV therapy include better metabolism, DNA repair, and reduced risk of depression and other mood disorders. Because of NAD+’s profound importance, there are numerous benefits associated with treatment. Regarding overall well-being, fewer treatments do more than NAD supplementation.

The NAD+ Therapy Experience

It's easier than ever to book NAD+ treatments, with mobile visits available for your convenience. NAD+ IV therapy may take some time, but that's to let the high dose of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide drip into your bloodstream. Whether in the wellness lounge or your home, it's easy to relax and let your body absorb. Many patients like to read a book, watch a show, or meditate while their NAD infusion takes place.

There may be an initial pinch at the injection site, but NAD+ therapy is considered fairly easy and painless; well worth the benefit! Results vary between patients, but many feel the effects of NAD treatments for weeks.

Consistency Amplifies The Treatment

Patients often see great results from their initial NAD therapy session, but consistency is key to sustained cellular health. NAD+ IV therapy nourishes your body's cells, which provides heightened performance while the coenzyme is present. A 250mg IV Drip therapy loading dose is recommended for maximum efficacy. Depending on initial tolerance, we may recommend the full loading dose, which is three weeks of 250mg.

As you progress with NAD+ IV therapy, your body will maintain consistent, optimal NAD. We encourage a lifestyle that supports healthy levels of NAD+, which consist of an active lifestyle and healthy lifestyle choices. This keeps cells operating efficiently and the body's processes functioning. Continued NAD therapy may be recommended to treat chronic fatigue, achieve better mental clarity, and manage chronic conditions. Maintenance doses of 100mg quick boost injections may be recommended. Dosing and frequency are patient and symptom-specific; let us provide individualized treatment for your today.

Get Started With NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ IV therapy helps you reach optimal health on a cellular level. With the coenzyme delivered directly into your bloodstream, results can be felt quickly, and the effects are much more potent than oral supplements. Book your first NAD infusion with Blissfusion | Bay Area to see why so many patients love this revolutionary therapy.

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