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IVs For Hangovers

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Are you suffering from a hangover after some late-night indulgence? Does recovery take a bit longer than when you were younger? Hangovers are pretty common after the consumption of excessive alcohol. This results in an unpleasant next day for the one suffering. Even worse, if you have a full day of work that needs to be tackled, kids that want your attention, or anything that requires your full attention.

Is it possible to get rid of hangovers with the IV treatment? If yes, how and where can one receive this treatment? Let’s explore the topic in more detail to find some answers.

What Causes A Hangover?

The presence of Ethanol in alcohol is the cause of a hangover. Ethanol is the chemical that alcohol turns into once alcohol is consumed in the body. As your digestive system breaks down Ethanol, it produces a byproduct known as acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is further decomposed into a compound known as acetate. This causes a diuretic effect which makes you pee more often. As a result, your body suffers from dehydration.

What Are The Symptoms of Hangover?

The most common symptoms of a hangover are:

  • Headache: Headaches may be caused by either the blood vessel’s expansion or dehydration. Headaches are also responsible for increasing your sensitivity toward bright lights or noises.

  • Thirst: The dehydration due to the diuretic effects of alcohol can cause excessive thirst and a dry mouth. IV drips can solve this issue by directly introducing fluids into blood vessels.

  • Fatigue: Drinking alcohol results in reduced sugar levels in the body. That’s why you may feel tired and weak.

  • Nausea and Vomiting: Alcohol can damage the stomach in many ways. Most importantly, it slows down the emptying of the stomach. That’s why experiencing stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting is quite common.

  • No Appetite: Alcohol produces an inflammatory response in your immune system. It results in decreased appetite and can also cause memory problems.

So, what do you need to recover from a hangover? Headache relief, nausea relief, and rapid rehydration, which can help bring you back to life.

Treating Hangovers With IVs

IV drips are a fast and effective solution for a hangover. The Myer’s cocktail is the most effective IV drip to treat a hangover. The combination of antioxidant glutathione and vitamins in Myer’s cocktail provides necessary fluids to the body so you can rapidly recover.

The Hangover Drip tackles the symptoms of nausea and discomfort, as well as dehydration. The vitamins in this IV directly treat symptoms as well as boost your energy levels, so that you can be productive or just help to get you through your day.

Blissfusion Can Take Care of Your Hangover

Had a great time last night, but now regretting the amount of alcohol you consumed? Need to take care of the kids and/or other responsibilities. No need to worry, as we are here to support your hydration needs.

Let’s look at the procedure we follow to treat your hangover.

Reaching Out

If you’re able to come to a nearby lounge, we will start your treatment following a brief health assessment. If you are not in a position to travel, with some hangovers, this can be challenging. We offer mobile services and can bring IV Drip services right to your location, whether you’re at home or work. Same day appointments in lounge and in home services are based on availability.

Proceeding with IV Treatment

The next step is to start the hangover treatment. Our professional IV therapy nurses are highly experienced with hangover symptoms. They will examine your current condition and help you decide what type of IV therapy will be the most beneficial to you.

Response To The Treatment

The IV drip we suggest for hangover treatment contains B vitamins including Thiamine, Vitamin C, and minerals such as magnesium. The vitamins, minerals, fluids and select medications target each symptom of the hangover. Clients usually report relief of symptoms a few minutes into the treatment and start to feel better, even regaining an appetite.

While suffering from a hangover, clients want to get some relief from the symptoms as soon as possible. IV therapy can help restore and rejuvenate rapidly because of the direct access to the bloodstream, more efficient than oral medications. As a result, clients feel relief sooner and suffer less.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does IV take to cure a hangover?

An IV treatment can mitigate symptoms of a hangover in just 30 to 60 minutes.

  • What causes worse hangovers?

Worse hangovers are caused by overdosing on liquors such as Bourbon and Brandy.

  • Does throwing up help a hangover?

Throwing up is not a recommended practice as it can cause further complications in the gut.

Final Words

Hangovers are an unpleasant experience at any age, and quick relief is desired from those suffering from them. IV therapy can help ease the client’s suffering within a few minutes. Contact us and schedule your first IV therapy appointment today!

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